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Whether the topic is family relationships, romantic relationships or building an empire. Thru one on one coaching I share tools for VISION & CLARITY that have worked for me and my clients worldwide; Where a firm belief that fulfilling your dreams is a very real path for YOU. ...lets create it together!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

6 Steps to 5,000 VALUABLE Facebook Friends-in 30 Minutes A Day

A new cost efficient program to make Facebook a MARKETING MUST for anyone wanting to increase clients and customers by at least 50%.
 CLICK HERE to see how FB is compared to the 3rd largest country!
Now those are numbers we ALL should be connecting with!  

The only place I market my businesses is on facebook.  That is where 100% of my leads now come from, including offers for radio spots, tv shows and speaking events...THIS is why I created  the "6 Steps to 5000 VALUABLE Facebook Friends in 30 minutes a day" program

“6 Steps to 5,000 VALUABLE 
Facebook Friends-in 30 Minutes A Day"

Learn how to "humanize" your business by creating TRUST in an increasingly UNTRUSTING WORLD!

Now let’s have some fun watching our numbers skyrocket!

Here's what you can expect from following the  “6 Steps to 5,000 VALUABLE Facebook Friends-in 30 Minutes A Day” program:

*Approx 400 friends in one month.  Remember, not everyone will accept your friend request so numbers will fluctuate.  

*Loyal clients and devoted “watchers” of your posts

*5,000 friends within a year with little effort and HUGE financial return from start to finish

*Invitation to my private "Creative Marketing for FASTER Results" Facebook group

*Additional secrets to market yourself on Facebook

*Answers to questions like "HOW to Post and WHAT to post" and "Now you've got 2,000 friends, what's next?"

$99 is the SPECIAL SOFT LAUNCH offer.  During the soft launch I am also including a PRIVATE 30 minute coaching call for free (plus the .pdf file and membership to my private Facebook group)

With your payment you will receive:

* .pdf file of the "6 Steps to 5,000 VALUABLE Facebook Friends-in 30 Minutes A Day" program  

* An invitation to my PRIVATE facebook group "Creative Marketing for FASTER Results"  

* An email to schedule your one on one coaching call with VICTORIA WYNN to customize the program to YOUR business!

Victoria attended Woodbury University in Southern California with a focus in marketing and graphic design.  Disney Pictures caught wind of her talent at 19, hiring her in the marketing department as a designer.  Now 37 with more clarity on her life than ever, Victoria's bottom line is creating and teaching connection to business owners, teens, singles, and woman, through seminars, retreats, and speaking engagements.

Questions? Comments? Feedback?
 EMAIL VICTORIA WYNN at victoriawynn@gmail.com

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What's love got to do with it...

Well, I took a little time off from this blog due to being thrown off by this whacky thing called love that kinda hit me over the head like a brick  :D  Sorry, sweet boyfriend, but thats what it was like at first!   I seriously considered blogging about the crazy, fearful, exciting, and invigorating journey of falling for someone...and thought better of it due to a promise to myself about not bringing any romances into my very public life.  Trusting and embracing someone into my world is kind of like jumping off a cliff and not knowing if there's anything safe to catch me!
 I noticed that I used to only let people in "so" far, always protecting my heart.

I'm updating and writing this blog because I don't feel I'm crossing any "privacy" lines by merely "sharing" (eh hem) a piece of the new world I've entered into  :D

I think its time to post a question that I don't see discussed often.  I'd love your thoughts and comments!!

So we've been dating 2 months: Would I be coming on too strong if I showed my BOYFRIEND the WEDDING INVITES and CUSTOM CAKE I designed?    

hehehe, juuuuuust kidding  :D

                                Where does jealousy END and domineering START?  Whats healthy and what crosses the line?!  Coming from a past unhealthy relationship I have strong feelings on the topic.  I remember being 18 and thinking:  "aaahhh, isn't it so cute that I'm NOT "allowed" to have male friends anymore...he must love me so much".     uhk!!  What was I thinking?!!   lol

Post below!  Lucky for me I'm in a healthy relationship, but I wasn't always!  What are your experiences, whats healthy and NOT SO HEALTHY to you?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Why does AUTHENTICITY help my dreams to come true?!

Take a look at my post on Facebook earlier today:

"The more authentic, the more real, the more sincere I am... the more doors of opportunity open up for me-all on their own. How can this be?   I am not even clear of the dynamic or the mechanics of this yet.   All I know is I have results to show that when i'm 100 percent authentic without concern of image--my dreams come true"

In the past couple of weeks I've felt honored to have been attracting incredible people in my world.   I can't help but ask myself questions like, what was the shift in me that brought this, how have I changed to bring such abundance, and how do I keep this up!
What I came up with is there's not just one, but three keys for me:
1. Authenticity (setting my ego down, my concern of my "perfect" image and merely live my truth)
2. Love without Boundaries (pure embracing of friends and strangers alike without snap judgements)
3. Mindset of Abundance (full immersion in what I have...not what I'm lacking. 

(I use this photo because I swear, I look so goofy it in, but I think its the most authentic photo i have of myself!  Just pure silly joy to be doing something I had always dreamt of-swimming with dolphins.  So I'm going to set aside my ego and worries of judgement and post it proudly  :D )

Granted, I haven't mentioned that 2 weeks ago I staffed 3 days of the most amazing program I've ever been involved in, at the "Great Life Foundation" (called Founders) where the trainers are incredible, the surrounding is peaceful and I wanted to be there so badly I found a sitter for all my kids and dealt with 3 court hearings I was suposed to attend  on the first day of staffing.  

Speaking of court hearings, (one was for a friends parole) and the other two were mine. 
...I know!  What the crap am I doing being called to court??  So guys it turns out, its important to
PAY A PARKING TICKET...and not miss any HOA payments on your home.   oops, lesson learned  :D

Back to the topic at hand...I'm practicing living each day immersed in these 3 principles.  Results show, the more I live them, the more successful I become. 

What are my results?
Happy children, big business deals that support my vision, and new meaningful relationships.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

This past week I did some things that were a bit out of my comfort zone!  For one, I conducted an interview in a way I had never done before-before make up...during make up...and after I had the make up on.  Of course in this case I'm talking about my interview with make up artist RICHARD NEWMAN and his morphing me into a dragon to promote my clothing line!  (Victoria Wynn-Fashion for a Cause)

This is a brilliant way to market your company, and Richard is such a professional at what he does.  From high fashion to beauty, to body art, to special fx make up.   I love it!

If you have body art, or special effects make up pics, post them here!  And make sure to tell us who the artist is  :)

On the radio Sunday 11.14 with Angel Shannon-call in with questions!

Inspired Conversations with radio personality Angel Shannon, Sunday morning from 10a-noon on AM630
K-Talk. Call in with your questions, share your story, or just listen for an inspiring 2 hours of "feel good radio"! Streaming audio available at www.k-talk.com


(airing in the USA-to all of you out of the country)

Victoria Wynn's Bullet Point Bio:

*Fine artist from the time she was a small girl

*Landed a job with Disney Pictures at 19 yrs

*Mother of 5, homeschooled

*Currently an entrepreneur with ventures such as a song ,"No Storm Lasts Forever",  in the process of writing 2 books titled "No Storm Lasts Forever" and "How To Get Any Man You Want...No Matter What You Look Like", in the launching stages of her clothing line "Victoria Wynn-Fashion for a Cause", and a TV show in pre-production geared towards woman called "Aspire" 

*Latest exciting venture is a web series Victoria is producing, "Empire Builders: Behind the Scenes of an Entrepreneur"   Victoria takes viewers on her journey of authenticity and true to life fears, victories, and visions in the business world.  She has a panel of experts to guide her through the big business decisions, tips, tricks, what to watch out for in building a business, and the reality of emotional ups and downs.  Tagline for the show: "Real Time, Real Lessons, Real Money"

*All Victoria's business ventures support one vital message to the world:  I inspire people by example rather than teaching.   Thru one on one coaching I share tools to live in consciousness and awareness.; Where unity, non judgement and a firm belief that fulfilling your dreams is a very real path for you  ...watch me prove it! 


Thats the bio Angel has in her hands...now where the interview will really go, WHO KNOWS!!   It will be on video as well for my show "Empire Builders: Behind the Scenes of an Entrepreneur"   yay!

"If she is in your corner, it is the world with its back to the wall"

Victoria Wynn-
"If she is in your corner, it is the world with its back to the wall. Victoria is loyal to her causes and passionate about using her creativity and enthusiasm to march forward. Eye on the prize, heart open to his goal, her determination is unrelenting, her confidence the keystone in the construction of the success.
She knows the game well and plays it by her rules. She can make quick decisions and they usually are on point. But Victoria also knows the pitfalls that business (and the business of life) can strew along the path. She may not show the caution, but it is there – wisely calculated and adjusted in private, never in public. In public, it is full speed ahead and her clients are the better for it. Not many of the old games, but clearly skilled game person she is.
Victoria can explode into one’s life but unlike nuclear fallout, this is a glow one seeks to bask within.
She captivates and makes one swoon in hopeful futures, both that she out- lines and promises (lots of money!!!!) and what imaginations add. It appears dangerous to cross her – she is always correct, or perhaps brooks no dissent.

Clearly, a lucky day for you if indeed you meet and connect with Victoria Wynn."

~Tom Squitieri Founder of TS Navigations LLC; Winner of three White House Correspondent Association awards, three Overseas Press Club Awards and winner of 2007 Communicator Award of Distinction.
As part of my passion to be a voice for youth as well as men and woman worldwide, I inspire leadership, confidence, and goal setting. In creating exposure for my platform, I'm a producer (film/tv), clothing designer, speaker, and author. All of which I relish in and travel often for. I love what I do!

Motivational Speaker to Teens and Adults ...here's why....

 by Victoria Wynn on Saturday, June 26, 2010

Victoria Wynn

With raw artist talent and a love for creativity, Victoria found her passion for the arts even before she entered the first grade. Her parents noticed her natural talent in writing and art through her numerous illustrated children’s books, and her knack for public speaking by her fluidity in speech in school plays and presentations through the years.

Victoria was raised in a neighborhood where her neighbors were entertainment talents such as John Voight, Angelina Jolie, Chuck Jones and a variety of network executives. She was surrounded by people in the arts communities who didn’t give up and made a career out of doing what they loved. Little did she know that this would play a role in her life down the road as she mixed her love of art and design with her natural comfort in the realm of entertainment.
But that was to come later. Before Victoria had the chance to take steps toward her dream of making a living in the arts, she met a man in high school who soon became her husband at the age of eighteen. Young and carefree in her choices, it was the rush of youthful vigor that kept her from the vision in her soul. Within a year she became pregnant, giving birth just after her nineteenth birthday. Victoria left art and design college for the higher role of stay at home mom, but her relentless desire for education never took a rest. While Victoria’s husband was at work or late into the night, she kept her skills sharp through books and online research. She landed a job with The Walt Disney Company as a graphic designer where she could even work from home.

Victoria loved teaching and easily fell into the role of homeschooling parent for the next 15 years. Though the marriage continually got rockier, she was determined to create a loving family despite her own insecurities or his emotional abuse. She let hope rule her emotions. After her divorce in 2008, Victoria built a graphic design/marketing business focused on clients in the field of entertainment, where she makes integrity and professionalism her bedrock foundation in all her business endeavors. In her spare time she continues her love of teaching-leading a fine arts class called “Creative Motivation Through Art” in which she helps children and adults alike rid themselves of self defeating thoughts and negative self talk through the open channel of art.

Victoria Wynn has always marched to the beat of a different drummer and those around her relish in her uniqueness and positive take on life. She has written the true story, “No Storm Lasts Forever, A Woman’s Secret to Success” to share her wisdom in the area of child rearing, pitfalls of low self esteem amongst teens and encouragement through those who have dealt with the ugliness of abuse.

She now travels the world with her message of global peace sharing her passion and charisma through speaking engagements and sharing her talents in film and TV production. She is excited for the interest of celebrities as they support her “fashion for a cause” apparel line and the new song she has co-written with Jeremy Tyler (singer/songwriter) and Tom Hopkins (producer/songwriter).

Victoria stands firm in the belief that global peace must start within our own hearts as the anchor to all the good we can do in our homes and communities. Victoria has worked with teenagers for over a decade and continues to have a strong focus in all her speaking engagements towards inspiring teens to stand in their greatness. This is where her journey has taken her; teen pregnancy statistic to motivational speaker and inspiration to men and woman across the world. Despite Victoria’s many storms in life, “No Storm Lasts Forever” is a story of triumph in her book, which shares the same title for her upcoming hit song, moving the soul to hope.
Once again, she is teaching.